Koda ClosedCage

Disruptive innovation at it´s best!

Koda ClosedCage – the new standard in seabased farming?

Our new system solutions for seabased farming has multiple advantages:

  • Floating, closed and  escapeproof  cage in rigid composite.
  • Class leading cost level in both production, transport and installation.
  • Semi-closed or completely closed system that can be raised/lowered if necessary (for moving, cleaning, maintenance etc)
  • Intake and filter station for optimization of water quality (possibility to harvest water from surface or from different levels below surface)
  • Separate cleaning fleet for containing mud and debris.
  • Complete solution to maintain focus on the farmer, and to facilitate for efficient and well known operation – easy access!
  • System can be used for farming of different stages of smolt or as a cage for keeping or slaughtering.
  • Can be delivered in different sizes to accomodate any need.

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